Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Pattys 2011

I arrived back home on Wednesday from a 5 day getaway to Fresno. I wanted to give Karl some space during his last week of finals so he could get some good quality studying in without the distraction of the boys and myself. We had a wonderful stay, but we are all glad to be back home again.

I have been wanting to make St. Patty's day cookies with Everett. Since I had been gone I needed to grocery shop and I did that on Thursday along with going to Target to specifically buy a shamrock cookie cutter. To my surprise, I could not find one at all. I found a bunch of 50% off St. Patty's day home decor, but no cookie cutters. I was so disappointed. But I suppose that's what happens when I wait til the last minute. So we compromised and made round cookies instead. Everett had fun rolling the balls and kept piling on the dough onto the cookie sheet. He was a very good helper! I had some cookies tonight and had some green frosting in my teeth. Karl was laughing at me because when I kissed him frosting somehow got in his mouth! hehe!

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