Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joy To The World Christmas 2010

What a fantastic Christmas our family had this year! I absolutely love celebrating Christmas because it means we are celebrating the birth of Jesus! Without Him, I would not be here, neither would any of my family and friends. I started talking to Everett about Jesus this year... well as much as he can comprehend. It's a lot of fun and I am just waiting til the day when I can really get into deep and more meaningful conversations about Jesus. Karl and I get him to say the word, "Jesus" and it's just too cute! We ask him where Jesus is and he points to his heart!

We got to wake up with Everett going straight to the Christmas tree and just could not resist tearing that paper. I was trying to get my hair brushed and wash my face, and I had to speed it up because he was going crazy! He had lots of fun tearing the paper and didn't need much help at all except with the bows. Everyone has spoiled him and Christmas gifts keep on coming from family so he may be thinking that everyday is a day to open gifts! haha! Yeah right kid!!! After we opened gifts at my mothers house (since we are staying with her over Christmas) we then headed to my Dad's house where we met my brother and his wife and two girls. We all opened gifts and then my dad and His wife made a yummy Christmas breakfast and his famous German Shoe Fly Pie. It's a family tradition that's been in my family for decades and I'll continue to make it as well! Everett managed to get a small nap in. He couldn't contain his excitement with all his new toys, so he did not have much of a nap! Later on, we headed to my brothers house for a nice and quiet Christmas dinner! It was a jam packed day and boy, was I exhausted! We made great memories!

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Busy life, lots of changes!

    I've been away from my blog as this seems to happen often. Being 37 weeks pregnant and taking care of a 2 year old is a lot of work for me! Besides that, our family has moved up to the San Francisco bay area where Karl is transferring schools to finish his chiropractic degree. We've been temporally staying in Fresno, CA with my mother while in the process of the transfer. We are all settled in now and looking forward to the new adventures this time in our life will bring. It's been a testing of our patience while waiting for Karl to be accepted into the chiropractic program, but I am glad that Karl and I kept our faith and trust in God through it all. Karl is working super hard to finish his degree and I am praying that we do not stumble upon anymore road blocks along the way. We will welcome our new baby boy into the world very soon and I am getting quite anxious to meet him! Since I am already under wonderful care with my midwife in Fresno, I will be staying with my mother and have the baby in Fresno. Karl will begin classes the beginning of January, so he will be a few hours away in San Francisco and will rush back down to Fresno as soon as I know I am in labor. So, lets be praying that Karl will make it here in time to be with me through it all. I'm just worried that I will go into labor during rush hour
    traffic and it will take him double the time to arrive here.

    I hope that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our savor, Jesus!

    Pictures taken at 35 weeks pregnant