Saturday, February 18, 2012

32 Weeks

The countdown begins, oh my! I am ready to have this baby, but not at the same time. It's been a tough pregnancy X10. I had bad morning sickness with the boys for at least 6 months. This one I did not have horrible sickness, but I've had a list of problems that go on and on. On top of it, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old to take care of which keeps me on my toes leading me to extremely exhausting days being a stay at home mommy. I absolutely love being a mother though, as hard and draining as it is. Being that this baby is a girl, maybe it's a rough pregnancy because it's a GIRL!!! Hehe!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up with Landry

Landry at 5 months old. During this time Landry began crawling just before 5 months old. Yes, crawling, I know!!! He loves trying to keep up with his big brother!

Landry at 6 months old.

Landry at 7 months old.

Landry turns 8 months old. I'm sorry for the poor quality. Our camera recently broke, so I had to use my phone.

Better Late Than Never

I seem to get in a routine of staying ontop of posting up-to-date news, but life has been busy and exhausting these days. I have been away from my blog, but I am excited to be back! Karl and I have some exciting news! We are expecting our third baby! This came as a TOTAL shock to us as we were not trying to get pregnant what-so-ever!!! However, we are taking this as a huge blessing. God does know best and we just have to trust that these are the plans he has for our family. With Everett who is a few months shy of turning 3 and Landry who is 8 months, we are a little overwhelmed since Karl is still finishing up chiropractic school. We are excited to find out if this bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl! I am 3 months along in my pregnancy right now. This pregnancy is much different than my last 2 with the boys. With Everett and Landry I had terrible morning sickness for 6 months and I was throwing up every day or every other day with being tired all the time. This third pregnancy has been much better with little morning sickness, BUT I am so exhausted everyday! Even with a good nights sleep. I just feel drained of energy. I try to nap during the boys nap, but sometimes Landry will only sleep 30 minutes. Otherwise, I am feeling good. I already have a little belly bump and started showing a lot faster this time than with my 2nd pregnancy.
At 9 weeks pregnant <3 Lisa Marie

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Landry turns 4 months

This post is a little late, but at least today I am finally getting around to it. May 22nd marks 4 months. Landry is such a delight and has began developing his personality! Very strong and demanding personality! HA! He definitely has some stubbornness and stamina in his blood. He will let you know when he is not happy until he gets his way. I must admit, we have given into letting him have his way which is now kicking us in the butt. He needs structure, but we have been putting it off. Ev was on a schedule at 6 weeks and we've let it slide with Landry only because he had a lot of colic as a newborn and seemed to be fussy quite often. I realized a long time ago that he needs a schedule and we have tried putting him on a sleeping/feeding schedule, but he sure does have a lot of stamina, so we just gave up. When Karl has his summer break, we will team up together and do this! I have it in me. If we don't, it will just get harder the longer we wait. So we will need a lot of prayers as we get through this with baby Landry!

Although he is defiantly a handful, we just love him so much! He gives me such joy and warmth in my heart. Something about his momma that he loves. He only does this with me, Karl says. He will just stare at me and lock his eyes with mine. He loves looking into my eyes and just smiling. I love moments like this. He must be a mamas boy!

What he's up to:

Rolling over a lot! (Consecutively since May 7th)
When laying on tummy, holding arms and head up steady
Sucking on his hands and fingers
Bouncing on the exercise ball
Grabbing toys in his sight
He is wearing 3-6 months, BUT almost too small now. LOL!
Wearing size 2 diapers


We don't know his weight, but will find out this week
Length... ?

He was not in a good mood to take pictures, so these are the best ones!

Lisa Marie

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

We actually got some great pictures on Mother's Day! It helps to take them during sunset so the sun is not shining bright in our eyes! I had a lovely day of being pampered from Karl. All while taking care of our boys. Thanks you for a nice Mother's Day this year, babe!

My favorite one of the day!

Landry is 15 weeks

Lisa Marie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Landry turns 3 months

April 22nd marks 3 months for our little LLBean! He's been such a delight and his personality is starting to develop more and more everyday. He is growing and changing and becoming a strong, healthy baby boy.

What he's up to:

Belly laughing a lot
Sitting up in his Bumbo
Loves to be tickled
Holding his head up while laying on his belly
Almost rolling over (half way right now)
Sucking on his fingers
Sleeping about 6-8 hours through the night (yay for Mommy and Daddy)
Enjoys movements such as bouncing

Enjoys taking baths (no wonder, he was born in the water)


25 1/2 inches long
12 pounds

Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Lisa Marie

Monday, April 11, 2011

9, 10, & 11... Grumpy Pants

I am having writers block today, so not much to talk about. I just wanted to share some recent pictures taken of the boys.

Landry at 11 weeks. That's right, no girls allowed except Mommy!

Landry at 10 weeks

Lisa Marie