Friday, April 22, 2011

Landry turns 3 months

April 22nd marks 3 months for our little LLBean! He's been such a delight and his personality is starting to develop more and more everyday. He is growing and changing and becoming a strong, healthy baby boy.

What he's up to:

Belly laughing a lot
Sitting up in his Bumbo
Loves to be tickled
Holding his head up while laying on his belly
Almost rolling over (half way right now)
Sucking on his fingers
Sleeping about 6-8 hours through the night (yay for Mommy and Daddy)
Enjoys movements such as bouncing

Enjoys taking baths (no wonder, he was born in the water)


25 1/2 inches long
12 pounds

Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Lisa Marie

Monday, April 11, 2011

9, 10, & 11... Grumpy Pants

I am having writers block today, so not much to talk about. I just wanted to share some recent pictures taken of the boys.

Landry at 11 weeks. That's right, no girls allowed except Mommy!

Landry at 10 weeks

Lisa Marie

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pacifica Beach

Last week was Karl's first week back in school again. Great thing is that he did not have classes on Wednesday due to clinic entrance exams so we decided to make the most of our day. We took a quick drive to a beach just a little north of us to Pacifica and snapped some pictures. We grabbed some sandwiches at Safeway (which were so delicious by the way) and ate them in the SUV before heading to the beach.

We got there and walked to a great spot close to the water. We all took our shoes off and when it came time to take Ev's off, his feet touched the sand and he started screaming uncontrollably. I thought maybe the sand was too hot, but it wasn't even that hot outside. He's been to the beach a billion times before and has never had a problem. So don't know what that was all about, but it was quite hilarious. We attempted several times to put him down with his bare feet, but it didn't work. I wanted to snap a picture.

Lisa Marie