Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Reflection on the Week

So, it's been a pretty great week! God has been watching over Everett and I indeed! I have been wanting to enter Everett in a baby contest through Parenting magazine and Regis and Kelly. On Wednesday I got the urge to take Everett on a photo shot adventure to Kennesaw Mt. We got there and snapped a few, but the sun was just too bright and Everett was distracted and interested in exploring. I decided to leave and find another location.

I love taking outside pictures, I just love the beautiful nature! My dad would be proud! Just don't ask me to go on a 5 mile hike. Anyhow, as I was driving down Stilesboro Road in Marietta completely paying attention and I see this Ford truck in their lane coming the other direction & next thing I know, this truck had moved into my lane and I drove off the side of the road. My heart was beating so fast, I had to completely pull over. My word, I mean come on people!!! It almost seemed like this person was trying a suicide attempt or was just totally distracted. I am just thankful that Everett and I are OK. I was shaken up, but was able to get us to our 2nd location for pictures. Crazies out on the roads!!!

I came across this trail behind our house that Karl and I took Everett to awhile back. Snapped a few good shots!!! Here are some!

14 months old

GQ'in Everett!

Pucker up those lips ladies! NOT!

I gave Everett his 1st haircut a few days ago! First attempt was while he was in his booster seat. Did not work. He hated the cape I put over him, so I took it off and he went shirtless! Naked little Boy!

My 2nd and final attempt was while he was standing "free" and watching a Mickey Mouse DVD on the portable DVD player. Cutting Everett's hair was like trying to shoot at a moving target. Although the "finished product" came out quite well. Handsome in fact! He went straight to bed after his haircut, so I took the after picture today.

Today Was off to a great start and is ending pretty well! Everett and I took a trip to Target to get a few things. Came back home and it was already time for Everett's morning nap. Karl got home early today! Great way to begin the weekend!!! We hung out with Everett for a bit while he played with his favorite toys, Fisher Price Little People. And Off to Kroger I went to do some grocery shopping! I bought ingredients to make taco soup and a few other meals for the week. Talked to my best friend Lisa on the phone while shopping. Got to catch up with her! I miss that girl! Also took a few pictures with Everett and the dogs! Great fun! I love being a Mommy!!!

This is how Sammy looks everyday with our static couches!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everett's Favorites & Not So Favorites


*My Mango Chicken
*Little People toys and his farm set
*Going on walks in the neighborhood
*Pushing the power button on the t.v. and he knows it's off limits, but does it anyway.
*Laughing at Spencer and Sammy
*Making motor boat sounds
*Patty Cake
*Claapy hands as Karl calls it
*Sign language (he only knows how to say, "more")
*Mickey Mouse and his toy from Grandma Brenda
*Playing peek-a-boo
*Closing and opening doors
*Getting into EVERYTHING!
*Playing at the park

Just a random picture of Everett on Thanksgiving at Danny and Jayne's home in NC. Everett is 12 months

Not So Favorites

*Riding in the car
*Most veggies
*Smiling at the camera

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful afternoon at Marietta Square

One of my favorite places to hangout and Karl's too is the Marietta Square. (Where our new church is located too, Stonebridge) Karl, Everett, and myself visited the square today to take a few pictures. We ran into our neighbors Terry and Patty and Ruth Allen and her kidos Caroline and John Robert. Thank you to Ruth Allen for snapping some great shots of us today! It was gorgeous outside and the sun was shinning bright in our eyes, but managed to get some good shots. Everett does not seem to be interested in smiling for the camera these days. He seems to be distracted by all the fun people and cars driving by. Hopefully is is just a phase!

Fam shot

Everett (14 mos old)and Mommy

Everett the EXPLORER!!

Like father like son!

Our "BIG" 14 month old!

The Baune Boys!

Playing on the train

Just posing on the train

Look!!! Everett is looking at the camera for once today!

Post by Lisa

mommy's favorites

being a mother is the hardest job in the world! i can't imagine what it would be like to be a full time mother and work outside the home too. high 5 to those mothers who can do it all! BUT i have to say that i love being a stay at home mother and find it very rewarding and gratifying! most days i wake up with everett, i am in a bad mood. i'd rather sleep in til 11am, but that is not reality especially when you are a mother! however, once i am up and have my coffee with my choice of creamer, i am all good. it makes it worth it to be able to spend time with my little man and see him play with his toys and talk to them and get him laughing! some of my favorite things that everett is doing... can't get them all on camera, but i try to.

perfecting his walking skills! he started walking at the beginning of 12 months.

everett has learned how to say his 1st sound. when asked what a sheep says, everett replys, "baaaa" (13 months)

everett recently saw this new GEICO commercial with bugs bunny and elmer fud and started to crack up when he said, "rabbits"! (13 1/2 months)

everett used to cry and scream bloody murder when we sat him on the grass. he seems to be pretty calm here. (10 months)

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Free Time...

Every time I get online it is usually spent checking emails and replying to them or playing on facebook and uploading pictures to the computer. I created a blog a year ago and tryed to teach myself how to use it. Got addicted from the start, but I just never have enough time in the day to sit down and update my blog like I want. I love to write and take and share pictures. As you can see, I only have 3 postings. So my goal is to get on here more and "try" to update my blog. That is only when I do have a free moment, which is not often.

Everett's 1st Birthday Party (1 month belated)!!

Everett is such a joy! He is the love of my life and what keeps me occupied all day long, sometimes all night long. Karl can testify as well! BUT I am so amazed at how he has developed. He started out inside my womb, smaller than a little seed and has flourished into a young little man! God is so GOOD! Karl and I are blessed beyond. I can not say that enough! His first year of life has flown by so fast! So we were happy to celebrate his life with some of our friends and family on our trip back home to California during Karl's Christmas break from school! Besides me being sick almost the entire time and Karl's ear infection, we had a wonderful time! Thank God that Everett did not pick up my nasty head cold or Karl's ear infection! His immune system is getting strong! My mother-in-law was able to come up to Fresno for Everett's party and stay a few more days to spend time with us. It was great having her company! Uncle Joe also came from L.A. to the party!

I decided to take on a new hobby. Cake decorating. I love to be crafty and try new things and I sure put a lot of stress on myself by attempting to decorate a giraffe cake for Everett. It was an all day project between baking the cake, having it break when I took it out of the Pyrex dish, trying to make brown frosting that turned nasty poopish green (not even close to brown what so ever). That was a nightmare! So I sent Karl on a gel food coloring run. Bless his heart! In the end, it all turned out just fine. Thanks to my sis-in-law who let me borrow all of her cake decorating tools. Now I must get my own!

We had a great time at Everett's party and hopefully he enjoyed it too! Although it was more for the adults! He loved opening gifts and had a great time doing paper tasting. Yum! Everything goes in the mouth!