Friday, September 30, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I seem to get in a routine of staying ontop of posting up-to-date news, but life has been busy and exhausting these days. I have been away from my blog, but I am excited to be back! Karl and I have some exciting news! We are expecting our third baby! This came as a TOTAL shock to us as we were not trying to get pregnant what-so-ever!!! However, we are taking this as a huge blessing. God does know best and we just have to trust that these are the plans he has for our family. With Everett who is a few months shy of turning 3 and Landry who is 8 months, we are a little overwhelmed since Karl is still finishing up chiropractic school. We are excited to find out if this bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl! I am 3 months along in my pregnancy right now. This pregnancy is much different than my last 2 with the boys. With Everett and Landry I had terrible morning sickness for 6 months and I was throwing up every day or every other day with being tired all the time. This third pregnancy has been much better with little morning sickness, BUT I am so exhausted everyday! Even with a good nights sleep. I just feel drained of energy. I try to nap during the boys nap, but sometimes Landry will only sleep 30 minutes. Otherwise, I am feeling good. I already have a little belly bump and started showing a lot faster this time than with my 2nd pregnancy.
At 9 weeks pregnant <3 Lisa Marie

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