Saturday, March 19, 2011

Landry turns 2 months

Our little LLBean (Landry Lucas Bean) has turned 2 months! It seems like yesterday that I was pulling you out of the water into the fresh, crisp air on the day you were born. Karl and I have enjoyed watching you grow and change. You have been a lot of work. We call you our high maintenance and sensitive baby because you absolutely love being held and bounced and seem to have pretty bad colic. But you light up our hearts and you have a big brother who adores you to pieces.

Things I have been doing:

Smiling a lot especially when Mommy or Daddy approaches
Laying on belly and holding arms up to support your body
Still enjoying your Mommy's milk and keeping her up at night
Sucking on your fingers (I bet they taste like chocolate!) hehe
Staring at the television especially when Everett watches his shows
Enjoying naps in the swing
Cuddle time with your Daddy


You weigh 11 1/2 pounds (just a guess since we don't own a scale)
You are 23 inches tall and growing taller every day

Today I took pictures of you and of course I can not just choose 1 to post so here are some of my favorites.....

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