Friday, March 4, 2011

5 Blissful Years!

It's amazing that 5 beautiful years of memories have been made. 5 years ago today, I married my best friend and love of my life! It literally seems just like yesterday that we stood before God, family, and friends to make a commitment to each other. We have stood by each others side through many happy times and also very challenging times in our lives. I believe all these experiences in our marriage have only made us stronger and even more in love. God knew that I needed a man like Karl and brought him into my life at the perfect time.

Karl and I have moved all over the country. Well it feels that way. We followed God's way out to Atlanta where Karl studied for several years for his chiropractic degree. We were blessed with our 1st baby boy, Everett. Then after 3 1/2 years, moved back to California so Karl could transfer schools so we could be closer to our family. We now live in the San Francisco bay area and were blessed again just 6 weeks ago with another bundle of joy, Landry.

I love our life together as a family of 4! Never imagined we'd have 2 boys, but I absolutely love having boys! They sure have a way with me. We are very excited about our future together and looking forward to growing our family even more. Yes, I know, we are crazy! We are looking forward to the time when Karl will graduate with his doctorate degree in chiropractic and hopefully open up his own practice.

I love you Karl! Thank you for being such a blessing in my life and for being a wonderful and loving husband to me. You know me so well and you know how to make me smile! Here's to many, many, many more years together in love!

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