Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day

The Baune family had a fantastic Valentines Day this year! We spent the morning at church and actually made it to the early service this time. We heard a beautiful message and had great worship! We had some fun exploring our backyard to see some of the leftover snow from Friday when we got a few inches. Took some fun photos!

I cooked chicken tetrazzini for Karl with a Greek salad and the best wine in the world... Riesling! I am in love with the sweetness and fragrance it brings! I now have 2 favorite wines. My number one fav is a Riesling made my Naked which is an organic wine. I picked a Washington wine up at the store for Valentines Day called Pacific Rim and it was FANTASTIC!!! However, it did not go well with my Italian dish, but went amazinly well with the chocolate hearts I made and chocolate covered strawberry's I made for Karl! I went to grab my camera to take pictures and of course the battery was dead.

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