Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Beautiful Snow Day in Marietta

I was such a happy girl yesterday! The news forecast predicted snow for Marietta and so it snowed! Just enough to cover the ground and get some great pictures! It probably snowed a few inches and I was totally in heaven! There is just something special about looking out the window and seeing the grass covered in fresh, white powder!!! God is great!!! I got Everett all bundled up to head outside. He really does not have the right kind of snow attire since it does not snow that often in Atlanta. So we did not let him play in the snow... sad, I know. But we had to keep those tiny little hands and tiny little toes warm!


  1. That was so much fun! I'm glad all the snow stayed for a couple days so we could enjoy it and get some great shots!

  2. Love these SNOW Photos!! We enjoyed it too! Your son is just TOO CUTE and what a nice looking house (especially with the white snow fall)... And I love the close up of the light pole, that's a great picture! We all freak out when it snows in Atlanta! ;)