Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrating 4 Years of Pure Bliss

Wedding Day

March 4th marked our 4 year anniversary! Time has certainly flown by indeed! Our first year of marriage was a great experience. Learning to share our little full size bed and tiny little bathroom in our cozy 1 bed 1 bath apartment in San Pedro, CA. Adjusting to having a man in the house, making sure I did not fall into the toilet in the middle of the night if the seat was up (but glad now that Karl is very good about putting the seat down), cooking dinner together and trying new dishes, going for walks along the harbor in San Pedro in the cool summer evenings and having the best conversations. It was a great first year! We have been on an adventure together this whole time and even though times get hard, we always have each others back and together, we make the perfect team! Right before our 1st wedding anniversary we felt God pull on our hearts to visit a chiropractic school in Marietta, GA. We took a trip to Atlanta where we fell in love with the beautiful south! Not to mention the wonderful Life University campus and the great philosophy that Life stand by. Karl was accepted, so we packed up our life and took a 3 or 4 day road trip out to Georgia. I never imagined moving away from California or even across the country, but God had plans for us. For our 1st wedding anniversary we wanted to have a nice dinner in Atlanta and made reservations at a seafood place that was al a carte and before we knew it, our bill was around 100 dollars. I still am sick to this day that we spent that much, but hey... you only live once! For Valentines Day in 2007, we celebrated by going out for Chinese food in midtown Atlanta. I remember having a cocktail and it was my last one for a very long time! We enjoy eating those fortune cookies and I remember that night having one that said, "Good things come in small packages." A few weeks later Karl and I found out the best news! I was pregnant!!

1st Anniversary

For our 2nd anniversary we went to a favorite Italian place called Scalinis! They have the best bread rolls smothered in olive oil and fresh garlic! They are to die for! Literally! If you go there on your birthday and show your ID, you get a free meal! What's better than that?!?! Our second year together was probably the best so far being that God blessed us with a healthy baby boy born in November of 2008.

2nd Anniversary

For our 3rd anniversary Karl, Everett and myself took a lovely trip down to sunny Destin, Fl. Gorgeous! It was not my first trip to the gulf coast. Karl and I went down to Pensacola before to Scott and Janelle's wedding, but I got sick on that trip and did not get an opportunity to enjoy the beaches. I was bummed, but I am thankful I got to go again! The white sand is just beautiful! We had a really nice stay and got our share of the sun for 5 years! Karl and I left looking like bright red tomatoes! Even with sunblock! Everett liked the feel of the sand on his toes and we got some great shots on the beach!

3rd Anniversary

For our 4th anniversary this year we took Everett to the park by our house and Everett had a blast walking around and playing "catch me" with Karl. It was a windy day, so we did not stay long. Came home and barbecued burgers for dinner! This is what happens when little children come into your life and you live across the country from family. We don't get much alone time or many nights out. That's just how it is for now, but we are getting by. So, reflecting back on our last 4 years together has been a lot of fun. It has been an incredible journey being married to Karl and I would not change one single thing. We are so in love and I believe that being far from "home" has made us stronger and has made us rely on each other so much more. Here's to many more years of pure bliss! Cheers!

4th Anniversary


  1. Happy Anniversary! My parents just had their 36th on March 9th... so many blessings to you both. And I love the pictures from each year! Neat!!