Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hot chocolate, a great magazine, and a change of weather!

I am getting excited about this cooler weather, well at least for now. It's cooled down to the low 70's here in Fresno and I am loving it. Even though it's not completely cold, I have an excuse to indulge in a fantastic cup of hot chocolate and a wonderful magazine!

Have you heard of Pathways To Family Wellness? Well if not, you should defiantly look into it! It is a great read filled with so many incredible eye opening articles about the foods you eat, health, and wellness! I take great pride in eating healthy, well for the most part... it's kinda hard being that I am pregnant and craving awful foods. However, I came across this article called, "First The Chicken, Then The Egg" I've always bought organic or free range eggs because I believed them to be the healthiest for you and free of hormones and antibiotics. The term "free range" is often confused by the public as meaning pastured. When the chickens are not pastured. A lot of times, chicken farms keep the chickens in a barn and put a small door in the barn for the chickens to escape and roam free in the green pastures. However some chickens never see the light of day and are cooped up in a crazy infested barn with no fresh air. I found this disturbing and very misleading.

I have learned that the best kind of eggs are pastured eggs. As the article in Pathways states, "something to crow about"! Hilarious saying, I think! Pastured poultry comes from small farms that sell to local markets. Large grocery stores and and health food stores don't even carry pastured eggs. Unless you buy from the local farms or get your own chickens and raise them in your own backyard, you wont find pastured eggs anywhere.

I hope you do your own research about eggs and how farms are raising their chickens and take a look at the article in Pathways To Family Wellness magazine! Also, do your research on the kinds of meat and poultry that you eat and find out just how healthy the meat may not be!!!!!

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