Friday, August 6, 2010

New and exciting changes are happening...

It's about time I get on my blog to update everyone! My blog is well overdue for an update on the latest in the Baune family! At the end of June we packed up the house and moved across the country back to the heart of California! We have been praying for so long for an opportunity to be closer to home while Karl finishes up chiropractic school and it was clear to us that God wanted us back in Ca! We were both super excited! It was the best decision for us to move back to be closer by our loved ones, especially with our new addition coming soon! In January 2011 we will welcome our new bundle of joy into the world! I am 16 weeks along now, almost 17. I have lost a lot of energy and spend most of my free time resting, so not a lot of time is spent doing things I love like updating my blog.

Everett is now 20 months, going on 2 really soon! We have already encountered some stages of the terrible two's which is quite challenging. I cant find the words to describe the love and joy he brings to our family. I am beyond blessed that God gave Karl and I such a happy and good little man. I am honored that God has given us this huge responsibility to care for and to raise up as a follower of Jesus. It has been an experience for sure and everyday is a new day! I can not wait for Everett to have a little brother or sister and to teach the baby new things and be a great leader! We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!!!

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